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FB Hostel Museum, Koper
You can buy in our Hostel Museum in Koper!
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Hostel Museum, Koper

In Hostel Museum we offer parking lot for cars and secured parking for for motorbikes and bikes. Nicely furnished apartments and rooms are equipped with cable TV and free internet access. Guests in rooms can use also shared kitchen, which is complemented by a barbecue in the backyard of the hostel.

There is also a washing machine and dryer. In addition to the usual buffet offerings, we also offer whole- breakfasts and free surfing the internet on two computers and free Wi-Fi.

Room of Hostel Museum KoperTriple room with his own bathroom in Museum hostel in Koper

Lunch Bar at Hostel MuseumLunch & Bar at Hostel Museum


Serviceper person
Roomsfrom 15 €
Apartmentfrom 20 €

 Koper, Slovenia

Koper, SloveniaKoper, Slovenia

 Hostel Museum

Image titleTerrace of Hostel Museum Koper

 Bife Museum

Lunch & Bar Museum, KoperBife Museum (lunch & bar) in Koper